Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Blog

So I know that this is a deals blog, and a dead deals blog at that, but I wanted to let you all know that I'm starting a spiritual/inspirational blog. It's called Scripture Cravings, another one of my passions. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I don't know how to do this...

I didn't know when to do this, but I have been thinking about this for weeks now. I need to take a blogging hiatus. My husband got laid off from his job a few weeks ago. We're doing fine with that. We had been looking at other options and even a masters program for him before that, and so it wasn't a huge deal- except we're having a baby in December and insurance wise we were going to wait to do school until after the baby was born, but I'm sure it will all work out. The school we are hoping to get into is in Massachusetts and I knew moving cross country, being pregnant, with a 14 month old would make it more and more difficult to be consistent with this blog. So I think I am saying goodbye. It has been a good experience and I have learned a lot, and I hope you have learned something, and somehow you have been able to save money through reading this. I think my writing has improved throughout this as well, which was one of my weaknesses before. (It still is a weakness, but I feel a little better about my abilities now.) I have loved teaching people about how to save money at the grocery store, and I hope you will all continue to do that, as I know I will for SURE be doing it back in Massachusetts (And they do double coupon days at grocery stores out there all the time!)

Just a recap of some fabulous resources so you won't be left in the dark to find deals.

Grocerysmarts- This will give you all of the grocery lists for you to know where and how to shop every week.
Here are the passports for where you might live. (And you might have family you could let know about it in those areas.)

UT: g84cbt
NV: g89ccb
ID: g83ro1
AZ: g85ro1
So. Cal: g92ro1
E. WA: g99ro1

Pinching Your Pennies- I sent you right to the forums section. What a fantastic resource for all of you! I would suggest just sticking with screaming deals around town, screaming deals online and screaming grocery deals by state if you're starting out and you don't want to get too overwhelmed.

Great blogs I check every day:

Hip2Save- very thorough and comprehensive.

Money Saving Mom- I love her discussion posts. She gives such great practical advice and is very real in what she does.

Spoofee- A site that sets out an eclectic collection of deals, electronics, Amazon deals, free food, it's really an easy site to access lots of different things.

A Thrifty Mom- Another great comprehensive site for deals around town, especially specific grocery deals.

Utah Deal Diva- good specific Utah deals

Check them out! Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this, and I hope you continue on the thrifty path- it's awesome!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smiths deals this week!


Smiths has some awesome Kelloggs deals this week! Pair it with the Kelloggs Fuel for School rebate, and you could make money on your purchase! Purchase 10 participating Kellogg's products between July 6, 2009 and September 30, 2009 and send in the rebate form and you'll receive a $10 rebate check plus a $70 coupon code from Dell. (You must purchase 10 items in one transaction for this deal) Many of the Smiths Kellogg's deals make the products .50 after coupons, which means .50 extra AFTER you submit your rebate. Part of the Smiths deal is you buy 4 Kelloggs partcipating products and you get $4 off instantly, and you have a limit of $8 per transaction, but still this is what you could do.

Purchase 4 Kelloggs cornflake cereal
Use 2 $1/2 cornflake coupons from 8/2 Kelloggs insert
final price .50 each

Purchase 4 Kelloggs Fruit Flavored Fruit Snacks,
use 2 $1/2 fruit snack coupons from the 8/2 Kelloggs insert
final price .50 each

Purchase 2 Kelloggs Mini-Wheats Cereals,
use 1 $1/2 Mini-Wheat coupons from the 8/2 Kelloggs insert
final price 1.50 each (You only get $8 per transaction, but you need 10 Kelloggs items for the rebate.)

Total $7
Submit the Kelloggs Fuel for School rebate
Get $10 back

You just made $3 on this transaction! I love making money shopping!

Arby's Wednesday deal!

Today you can get a free Arby's Roastburger with any drink purchase- no coupon required! (Just check to see if your store is participating.) This is really a delicious sandwich, and I think it's the best deal of the Wednesday Arby deals. Treat yourself!

1600 pc. Handyman tool set for under $11!

This looks like a steal for that handyman in your life!

1600-pc. Handyman Tool Set
8-level multi compartment storage cases pivot out. Includes nails, screws, anchors, washers, hooks and more. Mount on wall or carry by top handle. 33/8"W x 11"D x 10"H.
Item #: 1494-08541-1351
Was: $39.99
Outlet Price: $7.99
Use code BC18105 for 40% off 1 item
Shipping is $5.95
Total $10.74 shipped


Thanks PYP!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free Wii 5 in 1 Pro Grand Slam Sports Kit (just pay shipping!)

1 Sale a Day has a free Wii Sports Kit available TODAY ONLY! So hurry as these will probably go quick.

Just pay shipping which looks like $5.99.

Thanks Coupon Dad!

Free Border's book!

Wahoo! Borders has a HOT promotion available through August 13th! Get a FREE Book (choose from selected titles) with ANY purchase! There are other money saving offers available too. Check out all the details here.

**You will need to be a Borders Rewards Perk member to access these savings. You can sign up FREE here.

Thanks Hip2Save!